Message from Matt | December 10th, 2017

John the Baptist was by all accounts an interesting man!  His birth, recorded in Luke 1, was miraculous, given the age of his parents (Luke 1:7) and was similar to the birth of Isaac (Genesis 17, 21).  He lived in the desert most of his life (Luke 1:80), dressed in leather and camel hair clothing and ate locusts and wild honey for his food (Matthew 3:3-4).  He was a fiery preacher that preached in the spirit and power of Elijah (Luke 1:17) and preached repentance to enter the Kingdom of God (Matthew 3:2).  His bold stand for truth and righteousness did not win him fans with the rulers as he had his head cut off for calling out the sins of the king (Matthew 14:1-12).
However, John the Baptist was also a man with a clear direction for his life that was given by God (Luke 1:76-80) – His purpose was to prepare the way for Jesus to come!  The arrival of John ended the time of the law and the prophets and he began to preach about the Kingdom of God (Luke 16:16) and he spent his life doing just that!  John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus who is the WAY!  In fact, Jesus said “…I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6).  Salvation can only come through Christ!  The old way of salvation by works/law were ended and the new way of salvation by believing in Jesus Christ was now come and for this  we should be very grateful!  John the Baptist prepared the way from the old way of religion to the new way of faith in Christ, but it was Jesus who paid it all!  God sent His Son to earth (Luke 2) because He loves us (John 3:16), and Jesus went willingly to the cross for the payment of our sins! 
Today we are going to focus on Treasuring Christ because He is the Way!  He is the way of eternal life with Him!  He is the way of having peace on earth and good will towards men!  He is the way of having a purpose in this life!  He is the way that we can love our neighbors!  He is the way that we can have Joy!  I pray that this Christmas is the best that it can be as we celebrate and treasure Christ’s birth!


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