Message From Matt | February 22, 2018

When I was a little kid my parents took me to Disney World and from what I  can remember from that trip a long time ago, I had a blast!  Since then, I have been there several times and each time I have gone, I always enjoy it!  In fact, even at my age, I would still say that I
love to go there!  After all, it is called the “happiest place on earth” and who wouldn’t want to be there?  Thinking about the things that make me happy at Disney are the memories of seeing Haley as a 4 year old so excited to ride through the “It’s a Small World” exhibit for what I remember to be a dozen times!  Remembering when Brett and Brandon were ages 9 and 7 on that same trip and the fun that they had on the “Buzz Lightyear” ride and going down “Splash Mountain” are also happy memories.  In fact, the only bad memory that I have about Disney is the price tag to get into and through Disney!  Everything else makes me feel “happy”!

Just think about this though;  if Disney World, the happiest place on earth, makes you feel happy, how will the new heaven, new earth that happens after the 1,000 year reign make you feel? The answer to that question is that I don’t fully know, but I can imagine that it will be…AWESOME!!!

Why will it be awesome?  To start with, believers in Jesus Christ will literally be living with God!  He will most definitely be the coolest neighbor on the block (the whole earth) and the thought of actually dwelling with Him (Revelation 21:3) makes me happy!

It’s also going to be awesome because God won’t allow any pain, sorrow, tears, or death there anymore!  In fact, all that stuff will be gone (Revelation 21:4) and everything will be made like new (Revelation 21:5)! 

It’s going to be awesome because the city, “the holy Jerusalem” (21:10) will be too big and beautiful to even comprehend! The city will be 4 sided with each side being 1,500 miles in length!  The city will be pure gold (21:18) and will have 12 floors with foundations of different stones and 12 gates of pearl (21:10-21).

It will be awesome because there won’t be any more problems there, but there will be peace, joy, singing, and happiness!  In our world of problems, headaches and heartaches, an eternity with the Lord in this place should make you happy, purposeful and encouraged! 

Why purposeful?  Because we should have the purpose to tell others about Jesus!  To tell others about the joy of one day living with the Lord in Heaven or what the horrors must be like to live in the lake of fire for an eternity (Revelation 20:15).  The thought of living in the new heaven and new earth should motivate us to live for the Lord, for the place that He has prepared for us (John 14:1-3). 

So be encouraged today!  Try not to be overwhelmed by all that is going wrong with the world and focus on the world that is to come!  Take heart, Jesus is coming!  Stay steady, believe that God has everything under control!  Stand Fast in your faith! 

See you Sunday!

P.S. – please invite your family and friends to IBT this weekend and also be thinking of who else you can invite to our Easter services on April 1st.  Communion @ 9:30 AM, Resurrection Celebration service @ 11:00AM.

Love you all!
Matt Roller