Message From Matt – March 6

You don’t know what you have….
Recently, I heard once again that old phrase, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone” and it got me thinking about the great things that we have as believers that we can easily take for granted.  As believers we have been given much, but if we’re not careful,  our relationship with God can become stale.  I think this can happen to anyone and usually it’s because of busyness and pressures of this life that it can feel that way.  Or maybe it’s because we just make other things a priority until  we get to the point that we forget what closeness with God feels like.  We also can’t overlook the affect of sin not dealt with in our life can cause this to happen.  
No matter the reason, when we get to the point that closeness with God seems a thing of the past, it’s good to reset our priorities and remember what is important.  
For example, Bekah sent me the video below with the thought, “I wish we all reacted this way to getting a Bible”.  When I saw this video I was immediately captivated by it.  The little girl received a Bible for a gift and it made her day…maybe her year!  She was moved to tears because of the Bible as it seems that she had to borrow a Bible before.
After watching it I agreed with Bekah’s statement…wouldn’t it be great if we all acted like that with the Bible that we have?  So excited to have one!  So excited to be in it!
I know that we are all busy, but being in the Word seems like it should be non-negotiable!  We should start (and maybe end) our day with it.
After watching this video,  I was reminded of another video that I showed a couple of years ago in a church service (see below).
All I can say is that these two videos are very convicting to me!  
I know that many in our church are in the Word on a regular basis, but I’m sure that we could all say that we could be in it more.  I want to encourage you to read the Bible today (and every day) and enjoy it!  Ask God to give you an excitement when you read it.  Ask God to give us something fresh from it every day!  I believe Psalm 37:4 states it well;  “Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.”  I look at this and believe that if we delight in what God delights in, then we will want what He wants and it is then that we will get what our heart desires.  
But to get there we have to come to the place in our lives that we are wanting more and more of God each and every day! We want to hear from Him and live for Him!

I want to be in that place…hearing from God and following Him!  I want to be excited for the things that we have from God just as the people in these videos are for the Word of God!