Message From Matt | October 19, 2018

In Genesis we find the story of Joseph, who God blessed and used in a powerful way, but he first had to wait on God for 13 years.  All throughout the Bible we see many examples of people who had to wait on God. Many of these examples had a clear promise from God about exactly what would happen in their lives. Joseph on the other hand had no specific promise from God concerning his future.  For Joseph, God never told him that he was going to save the entire region from famine and become the second most powerful man in Egypt. While Joseph was in prison, he had no idea that God had him perfectly situated for an amazing purpose. For 13 years everything that could go wrong went wrong. His own brothers sold him into slavery, he was falsely accused and thrown into prison, and to top it off, the people he helped out in prison totally forgot about him.
Have you ever been in that situation?  No,  I’m not talking about being falsely accused and sitting in a jail cell, I’m talking about waiting on God. Many times waiting is hard. In our society we want it now!  Not having any clear direction or purpose in life can make us feel like we don’t matter,  especially when we feel as if God simply is not listening to us.  It is easy to feel as if you have been rejected by God and to lose all sense of purpose and hope.  When God seems silent in your life, and things aren’t working out the way you planned, and every path you try to take seems like a wrong turn, what should we do?
The first thing we can do is to continue to PRAY!
Thank Him, cry with Him, beg Him but don’t stop talking to Him. Never stop talking. Use this time of waiting wisely.  Spending more of your time in the Bible and praying might be the greatest outcome of your current situation. If you read Psalm 13 you can see that the Psalmist starts his prayer being angry with God, because he thinks God has forgotten about him, but by the end of the chapter he is singing and praising God.  So in the midst of your waiting, keep praying even if you don’t know what to say, because in so doing you will see how good God has been to you.
The second thing we can do is not to SWEAT IT!
Trust God in His timing and believe me, His timing is a whole lot better than your timing. Psalm 46:10 says to “Be still and know that I am God.” God might just want you to draw closer to Him and to simply stop, be still and wait.
The third thing we can do is to HOLD ON TO GOD’S PROMISES!
Psalm 130:5 says, “I wait for the Lord, my soul doth wait, and in his word do I hope.” Waiting can be difficult, but instead of putting hope in ourselves, people, or circumstances, we need to put all our hope in the promises of God.  If we truly believe that the Bible is truth then waiting on God doesn’t have to be scary.  Knowing who God is and what His word says helps me feel more solid in a very uncertain world.

God was not surprised by your current situation or circumstance. He does not need a Plan B for you. As crazy as it may sound, at this very moment you are exactly where God wants you and has placed you. It wasn’t Joseph’s choice to be in Egypt; however, Joseph was right where God wanted him.  If you are hurting right now and feel like God has forgotten about you, just remember you are in the hands of your loving Father and He is using this time in your life to make you more like His Son.