Message From Matt |September 28, 2018

Do you have H.I.V?  

Sorry for the personal question and don’t be offended by it!

Actually, a variation of that question was actually asked of me by Mark Wilson a couple of Sundays ago after the message on eternal life and I assumed he wasn’t trying to offend me.  His father, Dr. Art Wilson, once told an audience that he had H.I.V as a way to start his sermon and it definitely got everyone’s attention and Mark wanted to get mine.  The H.I.V that he was referring to of course wasn’t a virus, but was the acronym, Heaven in View…meaning we should be living our lives here on earth with our eternal life in heaven in mind.

Why should Heaven be in view?

There are many reasons and one of those is that sometimes things happen to make life “stink” and we need to realize that these stinky times won’t last forever!  In fact, what lies in store for believers in Christ for eternity is utterly and completely awesome!  

Here are a few things in Revelation 21 that describe what eternity for believers in Jesus Christ will be like:
  • “God himself shall be with them..” (21:3)
  • “God shall wipe away all tears…” (21:4)
  • “there shall be no more death…neither shall there be any more pain” (21:4)
  • We’ll live in a huge city (1500 sq. miles high x 1500 sq. mile wide x 1500 sq. miles long) (21:16) made of pure gold (21:18)
  • There will be no night there and there is safety and freedom (21:23-25)

As amazing as those things are, there is so much more that awaits us, even things that aren’t mentioned in the Bible! 

When your journey’s end is a beautiful place it makes the journey more enjoyable!

Every couple of years or so, our family takes a vacation to a town in Florida’s gulf.  It is one of our favorite places to go and each time that we have been there, it is an amazing experience.  We love the beach, the warm weather, and the time to relax and have fun.  A couple of times we have flown but the majority of the time we drive.  Normally being in a van with all 5 of us for that long of a stretch sometimes makes us all cranky, but as we get closer to our destination the less cranky we are and the more excited we become.  It’s almost as if when we see the “Welcome to Florida” sign that we get a shot of adrenaline knowing that we will soon see the ocean waters of the Gulf of Mexico. In our mind, the final destination made the journey seem not so bad at all.  It’s amazing what focusing on the joy of vacation will do for the pain of driving 18-20 hours in a car!  If that is the case for a vacation, just think  what focusing on Heaven can do for our life now!

This focus changes everything!!  OK, OK, not everything but most things!

It doesn’t change all of our problems, but it definitely helps us process everything that’s going on around us!  Knowing that Heaven is where our eternity will be spent should make life’s problems a little easier to handle.  After all, we don’t know what this life has in store for us, but the little that we know about life in Heaven should make us look past these problems and look towards what God has in store for us!  

What about you today?  Do you have Heaven in View?  With whatever problem that you have going on in your life, are you able to process it easier because you’re focused on Heaven?   This life does stink sometimes, but Heaven life doesn’t!  Heaven will be worth all the pains and struggles that we go through now so just hold on!  Don’t give up!  Keep on going, one foot in front of the other!  Don’t stop doing what you should be doing!