Message From Matt – August 14

Chain Reaction!
On my morning trip to the kids’ school this morning, we witnessed something that caused my heart to skip a beat!  There was a guy pulling onto our street (but heading the opposite direction that we were traveling) who wasn’t paying attention and came into our lane, nearly hitting the van in front of us.  Of course, the guy in front of me swerved to avoid getting hit and the result of what happened caused a chain reaction!  
The car coming into the lane caused the guy in front of me to swerve, which caused me to put on my brakes, which caused the guy behind me to put on his brakes.  All because of one person’s action!
Chain reactions like this happen every day on the road ways and if you have driven for very long, it is something that you become accustomed to but sometimes it’s hard to see the significance of them. 
There have been, however, certain chain reactions that have happened throughout our history that have been significant!  In fact, they have changed the course of the world! 
The “Fall of Man” was a chain reaction that changed the world!  Satan lied, Eve was deceived, Adam sinned = we are all born into sin and in need of a Savior!  
But God caused an opposite chain reaction!  Because man is separated from God by sin, God loved us and sent Jesus to take our punishment on the cross.  He died, was buried and rose on the 3rd day = God provided a Savior for us! 
This proves that a chain reaction can be either good or bad and if we stop for a moment and think about it, we can see that we can cause chain reactions too. Our chain reaction can be either good or bad!  We can have a negative attitude that then leads us to negative words and actions which leads to negative reactions from others.  OR, we can have a positive attitude that can lead to positive words and actions that can lead to positive reactions from others.  
If we start witnessing to others, then that will eventually cause a chain reaction of people getting saved!
If we start praying before work on a regular basis, that will cause a chain reaction of peace while you take on the struggles of each day!
If you read the Word of God on a regular basis, it will cause a chain reaction of power to overcome temptations because you are using the Word to resist the devil!
If you encourage others, it will start a chain reaction that will be infectious!  
Your actions will cause a reaction, but the question is, what type of chain reaction are you causing?