Message From Matt – July 3

Alarmed, but distracted!
As I was leaving the church building this morning to drive to the gas station across the street, I decided not to buckle my seatbelt because of the short trip. It only took a few seconds for my car to tell me that this was not a good idea…you know, that annoying alarm that comes on telling you to put your seatbelt on!
Even though I heard the alarm going off and was annoyed by its sound, I decided to do nothing about it because the trip was just a short distance.  Writing about it now, it all seems a little silly on my part, because if I wanted to stop hearing the alarm all I had to do is take a few seconds to buckle up.  Instead I was distracted by my thoughts and decided not to do anything about it!  
This got me thinking about other alarms that might be going off that we are too distracted to hear or do anything about:
  • There are alarms with our health!  If you’re not feeling good, you need to do something about it
  • There’s the alarms in our marriage! If there is little to no peace in your home, you need to do something about it
  • There are alarms with our children and grandchildren!  If they are going the wrong way, you need to do something about it even if prayer is the only thing to do
  • There are alarms in our community regarding poverty and crime!  What can we do about it?

I think there are alarms going off all around us but we can easily get distracted and ignore them. It is like the tornado alarm that sounds every Friday in Indianapolis at 11 AM…we have heard it for so long knowing that it doesn’t mean a real emergency that we ignore its intended purpose.  I think this is the way it is in our spiritual life too.
The Holy Spirit sounds alarms when we aren’t going the way that we should (called conviction) but I wonder if we aren’t too distracted (or spiritually lazy) to do anything about it?  
Then there’s the Biblical alarm that Jesus will return again!  There are alarms going off in all areas of our planet that what the Bible said was going to happen, is in fact happening!  There are wars, tensions, perversions, and all types of wickedness that is taking place.  There are national alignments that are shaping up like the Bible predicted and just about everyone hates Israel.  The end times are upon us and God’s alarms are going off!
So what are we to do?

  1. When the Spirit convicts (sounds the alarm)…repent!
  2. Be in the Word of God and in prayer!
  3. Watch for Jesus’ return and look for ways to share the gospel of Christ!
  4. Do these things every day!

I think the time that we have is relatively short…let’s listen to God’s alarms and not be distracted!