Message From Matt – June 12

It’s pretty funny (and scary) sometimes to watch people navigate a roundabout.  At the one close to our house,  we have witnessed near wrecks, jumped curbs, cars that have run into walls, and acts of road rage because they seemingly can’t manage the roundabout.  As simple as a roundabout is, there are people who struggle with it which makes the whole roundabout experience just that…an experience!
However, as I was driving around a roundabout recently,  I had another experience worth mentioning.  It wasn’t a crazed driver that didn’t know how to handle the roundabout this time, but as I was driving I realized the place that I was going was someplace that I really didn’t need to be.   It wasn’t a bad place or a bad event, it was just something that I realized I didn’t need to do.  As I got onto the roundabout,  I just kept following the circle around and went back the same way I came.  I did a “180”!  
The truth is,  there are many people that need to do a “180” in their life!  Up front, this is not only speaking about spiritual things!  This also could include your finances, your health, and your relationships but even all of those things need to be submitted to God because God cares about all of that in your life!   
If your spending is off base, God wants you to do a roundabout and become a good steward of what He has blessed you with!  If you overeat and under-exercise, God wants you to do a roundabout and take care of the “temple” He gave you!  If your relationships are struggling because of your pride, He wants you to do a roundabout, let go of your pride, seek forgiveness and restoration and start afresh with family and friends.  
The great news about the need for roundabouts in our life is that God encourages you to use them and He sticks with you all the way around it. 
In this process, remember a few things:
  1. God wants you to repent (do a roundabout)! – Job 42:1-6Acts 17:30
  2. God never leaves or forsakes you through this process! – Hebrews 13:5
  3. God is rich in His mercy even when you are going the wrong way!- Ephesians 2:4
  4. God has great thoughts toward you that you won’t experience unless you do a roundabout! – Jeremiah 29:11
  5. God can use you even though your past, recent and far back, can be sketchy…remember David, Saul/Paul, Moses, Abraham, etc…

What about you right now?  Do you need to do a roundabout?  If so, turn back to God.