Message From Matt – June 26

Half way!
Have you ever seen a squirrel crossing the road, then when it sees an oncoming car, instead of going the rest of the way,  it will turn back and run to where it started from?  I have!  The incident that pops in my mind every time I see a squirrel do this happened many years ago when a squirrel was a few feet from the side of the road but chose to run back to the starting point when a car approached!  I wondered back then…why didn’t the squirrel keep on going?  Why did he go back to start instead of finishing his course?
Even though I didn’t understand it then, I believe that I understand it now.  As a disclaimer, I haven’t studied the instinctual habits of squirrels but I do think I have this figured out:
  • The squirrel has fear and would rather run backwards than running forwards and facing the unknown.

Um…that sounds like us sometimes too!
Oftentimes we will start moving in the right direction, keeping our eyes on the road ahead, BUT then something happens!  It’s a health scare, a financial struggle, a problem at work, or a criticism for standing up for Christ and we can find ourselves moving backward rather than keep moving forward.  Why?  Fear and the desire to be safe and comfortable rather than facing the unknown! 
Here’s a news flash…God doesn’t want you to go backward, only forward!  Here’s another one…God is with us all the time and gives you the strength to keep moving forward!  
The Bible is very clear, that with God we are more than conquerors and we are never separated from Him (Romans 8) and what that means for us is that we cannot ever escape the presence of God and He gives us the strength to keep moving forward!  
For example, some of the things that you might be trying to move forward on could be meeting your health goal, or that ministry that you have been wanting to start, or a new position at work;  you have the choice to make; are you going to let fear send you backward or are you going to believe in God and keep moving forward?
I am encouraging you today to not have the faith of a squirrel!  Don’t go backward when you need to go forward!  Don’t give up…you have the all-powerful God with you at all times!