IBT Teens are important to the future of our church and the legacy we leave. Our youth ministry strives to teach these teens how to lead a Christ-centerd life, through teaching bible knowledge and encouraging them during their middle school and high school careers.

Weekly Schedule 

Sunday School: 9:30am
Worship Service: 10:30am
IBT Teens: 6:30pm
Upcoming Events
Game Night
Join us February 8th for a night of games!
Spring Party
Join us April 26th for our Spring Party!
Rush Camp
Join us June 17-21st for Rush Camp!
Back To School Party
Join us August 16th for our Back to School Party!
Fall Costume Party
Join us October 18th for our Fall Costume Party!
Christmas Party
Join us December 6th for our Christmas Party!
Chad Biddinger
Youth Pastor
Joe Napier
Middle School Pastor

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